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I just returned from Jerusalem after 3 days in the Galilee region. It was lots of fun and now I am exhausted. Thus, I will not be writing much tonight, but wanted to post a few pictures so that you can see a few of the sites I visited. Enjoy them.

Theater built by Herod the Great at Caesarea The ancient cultic place at Megiddo A Lebanese The ancient church walls around Peter's house at Capernaum A peacock at the Orthodox Capernaum Kursi, where the demons went into the herd of pigs The Canaanite Gate at Tel Dan—Abraham might have walked through this gate Banias—Caesarea Philippi, where Peter identified Jesus as the Christ
The mosaic floor with the The light, water, and sound show on the Sea of Galilee at Tiberias
Note: If you click on the pictures you will find that they usually contain captions which provide interesting information about what is shown.

I am leaving bright and early for southern Israel and will be there, without internet, for the next 3 days. I’ll report on those adventures when I get back to JUC.

Grace and peace,