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There’s a new website that you should know about, but before learning about it you need to know about The Ultimate Journey, also known as The Christ-Life Solution. God used this program to totally transform the life I had been living into something brand new. Through my experiences in the Christ-Life sessions I realized that God loved me in spite of myself and all the stuff that I had done and been involved in up to that point. I discovered that He had made me exactly as He wanted me to be from day 1of my conception. From the very beginning He had given me everything I would ever need to be exactly the man who He created me to be. I am His beloved child and He is with me every single day of this adventure of life.

Because of the amazing change that God brought me through via The Ultimate Journey. I strongly recommend you consider going through it as well. God didn’t stop changing life for me after going through the initial process. This journey of growing in Him is an eternal one.

One other way God used The Ultimate Journey to change my life is through the daughter of the current directors of the program. She happens to currently be my fiance! In only 110 more days she’ll be my wife!

After checking out The Ultimate Journey go to Follow Me Ministries. This is a site set up by the writer of the The Ultimate Journey materials, John Marquez. He has recently felt God leading him on to a new step in their journey together. You can follow along with John’s journey via Follow Me Ministries.