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View of the Temple Mount from the summit of the Mt. of Olives

View of the Temple Mount from the summit of the Mt. of Olives

The whole earth is the Lord’s along with everything in it. Nothing is unclean which He has made clean. In the same way, nothing is unholy which He has made holy.

Are there varying degrees of holiness?

I suppose, in a way, there are. But categorizing levels of holiness is such a Western thing to do.  This whole idea of there being “holier” ground here than other places is a strange idea to me. I’ve always heard the story of Moses and “holy ground” in the presence of God. It is hard for me to see the Temple Mount as it is today as being a holy place.  With the knowledge and experiences which God has given me up to this point, I see God’s Spirit living in those who love Him, not in a particular geographical place. Isn’t that why something or someone is holy/set apart, because God’s Spirit dwells in it or them? So, when I climb the Mount, I bring God’s presence and holiness with me. When I visit the Western Wall, His Spirit accompanies me. There is something special about this land and these places, but is it because God’s holiness and presence are especially present here or is it because of what has happened here and what will happen here in the future?

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