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In my last video blog post did you notice that the City of David is on a hill closely surrounded by much higher hills? If you don’t remember or haven’t watched that post please check it out then come back and finish reading.

What’s up? Everything!

Anywhere you stand within the City of David you are always looking up at a tight horizon-line. The City of David was built on a hill in the middle of a topographical bowl. This was not unusual for ancient capitals. Tall hills/mountains surrounding your capital gives a feeling of being hidden or protected from whatever lies beyond.

Jerusalem was unique because unlike the other capitals of ancient kingdoms, such as Ammon, Moab and Edom, the hills surrounding Jerusalem are close enough for an attacking army to stand on one of these hills and shoot arrows into the city. Though surrounded by deep valleys on three sides, Jerusalem was still in a vulnerable place. Its enemies could stand on the hills around it, look into the city and see what was going on. Not the defensive situation anyone ever wants to be in.

So, when the Psalmist said, “I will lift up my eyes to the mountains; From where shall my help come (121:1)?,” he is literally looking UP at these mountains that surround him and threaten the safety of his city. The Psalmist is completely aware of the precarious situation of Jerusalem. He knows that little or no aid will be coming from these mountains that are closely pressed around his city.

Even though he is aware of the precarious situation, the Psalmist is aware of God’s protection and provision. “My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth” (121:2).

This trust in God’s protection shows up 4 chapters later: “Jerusalem—the mountains surround her. And the LORD surrounds His people, both now and forever” (125:2). God surrounds his people just as the mountains surround Jerusalem. I think that if you can draw a picture illustrating God’s protection and provision utilizing the very thing that endangers you, then you must be completely trusting God!

Through whose eyes do I see the world around me? Those of my self or those of God’s Spirit living in me (Romans 7-8).

Remember that if you are in Christ, your protection and provision do not come from mountains or men. Your provider, protector and sustainer is the Maker of heaven and earth!