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I’m very excited to bring you the Journey Podcast.  It is a new weekly podcast I’m recording for Calvary Community Church of the Nazarene to use as they read through the Bible from now until May, 2015.  You can participate whether you attend that church or not.  The daily readings are listed here: The Journey. Access the podcast by clicking on this picture.

LivingDusty Journey Podcast

This week the podcast covers Genesis 1-14, creation through Abraham, in just 10 minutes.  Access it here: Journey Podcast – Week 1 | Genesis 1-14.

A new podcast will be posted every Friday morning.  Some weeks I expect to have some visual aids for use with the podcast.  I’ll post those on this blog for you to refer to when you listen to those podcast episodes; so if you bookmark the podcast webpage, check here weekly as well to see if there are any pictures or maps to help you understand whatever that week’s teaching.

I hope you enjoy these.

Grace and peace.