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MDRC BriMDRC Bridge Campus, Johnston, IAdge Campus

MDRC Bridge Campus, Johnston, IA

As Americans, we live thousands of years and miles away from those who wrote the Bible, so to better understand their writings we must learn about their world. In The Rest of the Story we will delve into the Bible’s historical, cultural, and geographical contexts so that we may better understand God’s message to us.

The Rest of the Story will last from this Sunday, February 26, until the middle of May. Because of the longer period we will spend most weeks looking at one site, some of the Bible events associated with it, and what we can learn about those events from the site, its history and the culture of the people who lived there. No text except the Bible is required for this class. There is no homework.

Time: Sundays, 9:00am-10:00am

Place: The Bridge, a campus of Meredith Drive Reformed Church (click for a Google map)

All are welcome! I hope you can come.

Grace and peace.